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Founded in 2014, the Zambia Monitoring and Evaluation Association (ZaMEA) stands as a unifying platform for monitoring and evaluation practitioners, data managers, and strategic information officers. Our association encompasses everyone dedicated to the production and proficient management of data in Zambia. With a clear mandate to foster the practice of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) across the nation, ZaMEA is committed to advancing this critical discipline

Our Vision

At ZAMEA, we envision a Zambia where the power of monitoring and evaluation is harnessed across all sectors of development. We believe that every decision made should be informed by evidence, ensuring that our nation truly comprehends the strategies that yield success and the areas that require improvement. By nurturing a culture of functional M&E systems and cultivating a community of professional and skilled M&E practitioners, we aim to spotlight Zambia's achievements while illuminating the pathways for growth.

Our Mission

As a professional association, our mission is to actively contribute to the advancement of the Monitoring and Evaluation profession in Zambia. Through the promotion of ethical standards, the facilitation of capacity building initiatives, and dedicated advocacy efforts, we are steadfastly committed to supporting national development. We aspire to be a dependable partner in the journey toward progress through effective M&E practices.


What Some Of Our Members Have to Say

“ I encourage aspiring professionals to volunteer to gain skills and experience. As an office coordinator for ZaMEA for 2 years, I connected with various organizations, leading to employment opportunities. Today, I'm proud to work as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Officer at Copper Rose, thanks to my volunteer experience. ”

Elvis Makukula

ZaMEA Professional /Former Board Member

“ Volunteering with ZaMEA has offered me the chance to develop skills, gain valuable experience, and establish significant connections. As a result, I have conducted six end line evaluations for various organizations, thanks to the connections I made through ZaMEA. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with ZaMEA and the immense benefits it has brought into my life.

Edson Miyanza

ZaMEA Professional Member

“ Volunteering for the association has provided me with opportunities to connect with diverse individuals and organizations in Zambia and beyond. Through this experience, my leadership skills have flourished, particularly in effectively engaging with people and organizations.

Victor Kabwe

Chairperson ZaMEA

“ Volunteering for ZaMEA as an Office Coordinator after graduating from UNZA has been transformative, impacting my professional journey. Through ZaMEA, I acquired valuable skills and established connections that propelled my career growth. These skills played a crucial role in securing subsequent positions at Telos Consult as a research assistant and now at Zambia Revenue Authority , where I now serve as a Customs Officer. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunities and benefits brought by ZaMEA, which acted as a springboard for my professional career.

Anna Kayange

ZaMEA Professional Member

“ Volunteering gives you an opportunity to create opportunities for yourself instead of waiting for them. Volunteering for ZaMEA has provided me with valuable skills in engaging organizations, managing expectations, and establishing meaningful connections. I am now a dynamic and well rounded professional. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with ZaMEA and the significant benefits it has brought into my life.

Fumbe Kabanga

ZaMEA Professional Member