Generally, participating in a professional group brings many benefits in many ways such as having a sense of community, personal interaction with like-minded individuals and as a way to participate and contribute in your industry.

Nothing replaces the experience and networks you build through involvement in the professional association. Involvement is key, one needs to attend meetings and events, engage with other members, go to annual conferences and volunteer to serve on a committee to maximize the benefits of joining the association. It takes time, energy and financial outlay, but as professionals have often cited “you get out more than you put in”. Many people find new jobs, new customers, partners, skills, ideas, contacts, and friends and so on, through various interactions within associations. Meeting a person at an association event can completely change the trajectory of your career and professional organizations are designed to bring people together in a setting that encourages idea sharing and the formation of personal connections. Here are some great reasons to join ZaMEA:

Education: ZaMEA intends to deliver educational resources to members through professional seminars, M&E technical trainings programs, and Capacity building conferences that will be delivered in person and online. In addition to formal training, we understand that most of our members are busy, but ZaMEA will strive to keep all its members and the general public informed on industry trends and issues through targeted newsletters and emails. ZaMEA will also facilitate learning indirectly through mentorship and opportunities to interface with other professionals who might be open to this mutually beneficial relationship.

Endorsement and Certification: ZaMEA will continue to provide member endorsement and professional recognition to all paid up members. ZaMEA future plans are to start administering a professional credential program that earn members a professional designation and demonstrate their level of expertise and commitment to M&E which we believe will give one a lasting credibility and distinction in the profession. Our long-term vision around certification and professional conduct is to have the Association endorsed as the renowned Zambian governing body mandated to regulate the practice of Monitoring and Evaluation for all practitioners through the enactment of a bill.

Access to Resources: ZaMEA will provide a professional platform for collaboration, learning and adaptation of development practice in Zambia and in the region. The platform will be tremendously be valuable to both the individual members seeking information, and corporate members in accessing this information.

Employment and Consultancy Opportunities: ZaMEA provides a platform that links its members to employment and consulting opportunities.

Networking: ZaMEA will create networking opportunities and joining the association will provide opportunities for members to meet and connect with like-minded professionals, peers, respected leaders and newcomers. Members will attend conferences, local chapter meetings, awards ceremonies and other events designed to help members develop new connections, grow their career and promote professionalization, public value and appeal of the M&E practitioners in Zambia.

Leadership Opportunities: ZaMEA will also provide opportunities to members to serve on different committees and on the board. Serving on committees or the board of an organization will help members gain leadership and management skills and can also elevate their profile. Becoming an active member of ZaMEA will give you an opportunity to use skills like public speaking, organization, problem solving, and networking in a safe environment while preparing you for additional responsibilities at work. Making impactful contributions within a professional association is an effective way to make a name for yourself throughout the industry.

Advancing the profession: M&E makes valuable contribution to the development of any nation. ZaMEA will endeavor to highlight the public value and appeal of the monitoring and evaluation practice in the eyes of the community and other professions.

Professional Development: ZaMEA will conduct capacity building activities that will focus on upgrading and maintaining the professional and technical competence of the members. Representation: ZaMEA will represent member’s interest with relevant stakeholders including government, employers on matters concerning their M&E.