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Plot No. 2631, Chudleigh, Munali Road
Lusaka Zambia

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+260 978 602787

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K 250.00


About Student membership


Our Student membership is open to full and part-time students

  • Access to ZaMEA Community
  • Preferential rates on all ZaMEA Upskilling activities
  • Internship and Mentorship opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to the ZaMEA Competence Framework tool

K 500.00


About Professional membership


Our professional membership: is tailored for individuals who have substantial experience and expertise in the field of monitoring and evaluation. This membership grade provides you with the opportunity to leverage your knowledge and skills to make a significant difference.

  • Free or discounted access to ZaMEA events and conferences
  • Access to continuous capacity building development opportunities
  • Able to nominate and vote for members to the executive committee
  • Eligible for appointment in any committee established to help deliver ZaMEA objectives.

K 500.00


About Associate membership


Our Associate membership: is designed for individuals who have a genuine interest in monitoring and evaluation but may not have formal training or experience in the field. This membership category welcomes those who are curious about monitoring and evaluation and wish to learn and engage with the subject matter. This includes access to educational materials, training sessions, workshops, and networking events where you can connect with professionals in the field

  • Access to a range of resources and opportunities to deepen your understanding of monitoring and evaluation
  • Participate in the Mentoring Programme
  • Access to ZaMEA Upskilling Learning
  • Free or discounted access to ZaMEA events and conferences

K 500.00


About Fellow membership


Fellowship membership category at ZaMEA is specifically designed to recognize individuals who have made substantial contributions to the monitoring and evaluation profession as practitioners. This esteemed membership grade acknowledges the impact and influence these individuals have had on the field through their dedication, expertise, and achievements.

  • Participate in high-level advisory roles
  • Qualification as a ZaMEA consultant
  • Access to ZaMEA Community
  • Participate in the Mentoring Programme
  • Board election voting rights
  • Fellows Forum with other Fellows and senior project professional leaders

K 5000.00


About Corporate membership


Corporate Membership: Corporate membership at ZaMEA serves the purpose of providing organizations with a unique opportunity to engage and collaborate with the monitoring and evaluation community. This membership category is specifically designed for companies and institutions that recognize the value of monitoring and evaluation in enhancing their operations and overall impact.

  • Access to expert guidance, best practices, and industry insights to strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems and practices
  • Support recruitment of consultants for M&E consultancies
  • Tailor made capacity building initiatives
  • Access to platforms for sharing organizations’ Monitoring and Evaluation Products