Membership of the Association is open to the following:

    • All Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and development professionals/practitioners who have had formal training from a recognized institution.
    • All professionals/practitioners who have experience in Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Project Management.
    • Students pursuing relevant professional courses.
    • Everyone interested in Monitoring and Evaluation.
    • All public, private and corporate entities interested in Monitoring and Evaluation and its role in development work.

The association has the following membership categories:

    • General Member – Any Zambian or foreigner person who meets the conditions stated above.
    • Professional Member: Any Zambian or foreign person who has training in Monitoring and Evaluation or have more than 3 years’ practical experience in Monitoring and Evaluation.
    • Corporate Members: Any corporate entity of the Association including private, public, academic and CSOs whose services are within the scope of monitoring, evaluation and learning or development.
    • Student Members – any members of the Association for the time being pursuing disciplines and/or professional courses within the scope of M&E.
    • Honorary members – Any person that the Association appoints as an honorary member for their great contribution to the evaluation profession such as politicians or distinguished professionals whom the Association thinks fit so to honour.