The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) profession have contributed to a number of positive growth toward Zambia’s development. It has expanded space for M&E discussions within the development framework, use of different tools and approaches to support planning, budgeting, decision-making processes in both public and private sector. The appreciation and demand for M&E is increasing in all sectors with notable developments shaping influencing the growth of the practice such as the creation of a Ministry of National Development Planning by the Government of the Republic of Zambia, the launch of the National Monitoring and Evaluation Policy and the demand from employer’s to be more accountable and make data-based decisions The approval of the M&E policy is another positive move by the government and the policy provides numerous opportunities for the Association to contribute and help strengthen the National M&E system.

After 6 years of Zambia Monitoring and Evaluation Association (ZaMEA) existence as a registered association for M&E professionals, the association members developed a Strategic Plan to ensure developments approaches such as the SDGs, National Development Plans, and emerging challenges such as Climate Change are well positioned. ZaMEA has a great potential to bring significant contribution and can play huge role in implementing SDGs, National development plan, Climate changes activities in Africa’s and Zambia. ZaMEA is therefore an appropriate partner to work closely with the UN agencies, COMESA, SADC, African Union, Government and other key stakeholders in supporting them domesticate developmental agenda in their respective plans and programs and supporting the strengthening of Monitoring and Evaluation systems and capacities.